Annual Poster session


Every Spring the Philly YCC holds a poster session for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students and post docs. This year it will be held at Temple University. Stay tuned for more information and the opportunity to submit an abstract or volunteer to judge. 

2017 YCC Poster Session

On March 27, 2017 the Philadelphia Local Section Younger Chemists Committee held their annual poster session for students at the University of the Sciences. Over 75 posters were presented from high school, undergraduate, and graduate students as well as post doctoral staff from the area’s Colleges and Universities. In addition to local students, several visiting students from France presented posters as well. The students were judged by over 25 judges to ensure that each poster was scored according to a pre-posted rubric a minimum of three times. The poster session was divided up into two sessions with a short break in the middle. Students were judged during one of the two sessions, allowing them time to look at other student’s posters during the other session. 

Concurrent with the poster session was a grad school and career fair. Visitors from Penn, Temple, Drexel, Villanova, and Dow Chemical Company were on hand to discuss options for graduate school and careers after school. Joe Martino from ACS Career Consultants was also on hand to assist with resume reviews. The grad school and career fair was available for the duration of the poster session so that students could also visit during the time they were not presenting. 

At the conclusion of the evening, the judges’ scores were tallied and the much anticipated awards were given. The following is a list of award winners: 

High School

First Place—Sophia Breslin, Dock Mennonite Academy


First Place—Kenneth Wong and Zhihong Wang, University of the Sciences

Second Place (tie)—Nam Nguyen, Haley Barnum, Doug Gisewhite, and Sharon Burgmayer, Bryn Mawr and Caroline McKeon, Samuel Epstein, Casey Londergan, and Louise Charkoudian, Haverford

Inorganic (sponsored by Dr. Tony Addison)—Nam Nguyen, Haley Barnum, Doug Gisewhite, and Sharon Burgmayer, Bryn Mawr


First Place—Akila Thenuwara, Samantha Shumlas, Nuwan Attanayake, Qing Kang, Elizabeth Cerkez, Ian McKendry, Laszlo Frazer, Richard Remsing, Eric, Borguet, Michael Zdilla, Jianwei Sun, Daniel Strongin, Temple

Second Place—Katherine Elbert, Davit Jishkariani, Yaoting Wu, Jennifer D, Bertrand Donnie, Christopher Murray, University of Pennsylvania

Third Place—Giulia Macini, John Tomsho, John W., University of the Sciences

Penn Prize for People’s Choice for Best Poster

Owen C. Sullivan