About Us

What is the YCC and what does it do?

The Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) is a standing committee of the American Chemical Society (ACS) which advocates for and provides resources to early-career chemists and professionals in the chemical sciences and related fields. The YCC is a national organization with local chapters. We are the Philadelphia Local Section Chapter. 

The YCC addresses specific issues facing younger chemists within the ACS and serves as a voice to the Society on behalf of younger chemists. Some of the goals of the YCC are to increase the involvement of younger chemists in all levels of the ACS and help integrate younger chemists into professions in the chemical sciences. 

What makes the Philly YCC Awesome?

We are a group of enthusiastic chemists under 35 from academia and industry that are passionate about meeting other chemists, improving our soft skills, and honing our technical skills. We enjoy planning our own events as well as attending chemistry related events from partnering ACS organizations. It is wonderful to have the resources of the ACS behind us while still having the independence to come up with our own ideas. Come get to know us! 

We ALWAYS need volunteers!

We are a volunteer run organization. If you have an idea for a fun event or want to become more involved, please reach out to us through the CONTACT page. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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